Escort Diaries: Feeder Fetish Freak


“Bianca, we have a new client for you!”

Handing her over the check list, the young girl scanned down the list, stopping for a moment and glancing over at the receptionist. Getting weird requests weren’t unheard of in this business. In fact, what really was normal? If they were normal, then wouldn’t they just be home fucking their wives in the missionary position for 3.5 minutes? Cumming without satisfying her and falling asleep right after? That would be normal by what society labels marital bliss. Thank god for the freaks of the world who choose to expand their horizons with the sexy ladies who get paid for it.

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Escort Diarries: Breaking his ass!


“I can’t do that. I might hurt you!”

Her voice quivered when he asked. He had asked her to fuck his ass with the pointed heel of that stiletto. To push in the tip and manipulate his tiny entrance till she reached the full 5 inches inside. Was this even possible without causing damage to his anal cavity? He was paying for this, so turning him down would not be acceptable. If he told the service she worked for that she was not compliant, Bianca would be fired on the spot and her name in the Escort business ruined.

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Escort Diaries: Those damn shoes


“Don’t even think about turning around. Keep your eyes on the skyline!”

His voice was demanding, and quick to the point. She could already smell the alcohol on his breath. At 19, Bianca knew that Men were horny when drunk. What was his deal though? Maybe the expensive whiskey that lingered in the air had given him a case of whiskey dick. Another thing she had not experienced, but knew about. Her Mother told her about that one on Prom night. Well she warned her more then she told.

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The Escort Diaries: Red Stilettos

red stilettos

“I need these in a size 7, and can you add the sole liners to them?” calling out after the salesman, he was already in the back when she remembered to ask. Maybe he heard her, but more than likely, he was sniffing the soles of her purchase. Bianca had a party later that evening, and in her business, she was an escort for the Blankenship corporation, and her client had a fetish for red stilettos. She never wore the same pair twice, and he allowed her a shoe budget of 1500.00 US dollars. He was English and though they had been seeing each other for 5 years, she never got tired of his needs. How could you? Each month she had her closet filled with expensive footwear and 10 grand deposited into her bank account.  She made more in a month than most families made in a year’s time. The world of high class call girls wasn’t as ugly as most thought. It was actually a very distinguished profession.

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About Bianca

Ambitions: To make a million by the time I am 30

Guilty Pleasures: Bubble baths. After a long day on my back, or knees, I love to indulge in a hot bubble bath with candles, soft music, and a glass of wine.

Turn on’s: Men who know how to spoil a girl like me. Shopping trips, fine dining, and little trinkets of their appreciation. I love a man who can carry on a conversation. One who is current of world events and always has a passion to better himself. Knowledge is power.

Turn off’s: The lack of education. There is no excuse for ignorance.

Pets: I don’t have time to devote to an animal, though I do respect them and have been a vegetarian for 10 years.


What does a small town girl dream of? Getting married, popping out 3 kids by the time their 24, and having a house with a picket fence? Not this one. All of my friends in high school did just that. When they were planning their weddings, I was planning my financial portfolio. I knew that I always wanted the finer things in life. I guess coming from a family of little means will do that to a head strong female like myself. At the age of 19, 3 year into medical school, I gave it all up to become an escort. Why? Because I make in a month what most make in a year of a 2 family income. When the sun kisses the moon goodnight, that’s when I come alive and my real talents are put to the test. I am a 6 figure a year Escort, and I love my life.

During the day, my talents are put to the test on the phone with all you naughty Men. I guess you could say I am a full service whore. I have been doing oral delights for a long time now, and nothing is off limits with me. I love exploring your inner most desires and forcing you to think out of the box. Why have boring vanilla when you can always spice it up with some rainbow sprinkles. I have many areas’ that I specialize in, but I think the most sought after is my love for walking all over a Man. You know, twisting him around my perfect manicure and showing him who truly is the boss. Don’t let this scare you though. Catch me in the right mood and I will be the dirtiest little slut for you. I am no limits, and no taboos. The harder you push, the deeper we go. I love a man who can find my dirty little secrets and force me to confess them all.

All this beauty doesn’t come without brains. Top of my class, I started college at the age of 16, and am very literate to the ways of the world. Most that I attend to are the CEO types. They demand a girl with brains as well as the outer package. Nothing is sexier on a Male, or Female, then an intelligent mind! A pretty girl with a filthy mouth is always a keeper. Well that’s what my Mother would whisper to me as she tucked me in bed at night.