Cadence pt-1

There is no fifty shades here. The real life of a Dominate is not one of falling in love and producing babies. Human nature sometimes gets the best of the human soul. I am in no way knocking the book series that has the panties of women all country in a bunch. Just showing a darker side to the world of a Dominate male. 
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Holiday Cheer


I had just turned 18, and had my first job. Well it wasn’t a paying job, but I was an intern in a doctors office. Since my original goal in life had been to be a Physician, it was only fitting. Old Doc Samuel had been the one to deliver half the people in town, and he was a notorious womanizer. He even delivered me. Continue reading Holiday Cheer

Escort Diaries: Red Ribbon


Daddy’s Princess, that’s what he loved to ask for when he called the service. Dave knew who he wanted to moment he did. This adorable Man loved to spoil me and have me treat him like he was nothing but a wallet for me. In all honesty, I have no problem doing just that. Some men are made to be the Boss, and some men, well they are made to give us little ones everything would could ever want and need. I love both. Continue reading Escort Diaries: Red Ribbon

Escort Diaries: Daddy’s Princess


It was 3 am when the fax machine went off. I know that the sound means there will be a client waiting for me. When and who, I didn’t know yet. One can only hope that it will be something exciting. I’ve had long year. Continue reading Escort Diaries: Daddy’s Princess