Escort Diaries: BBC shame

What makes a woman crave BBC? To be honest, I have never been a fan, or sought out a certain race for sexual needs. I know this might sound racist, but it’s the complete opposite. That was all true till I met Mark. His filthy nigga dick made me a believer.

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Daddy Kitten – Little Snippet


Idaddys-kittenn the world of HIM vs her, being Daddy’s Kitten might be frowned upon by some feminists and women’s rights activists, but it’s the life I enjoy the most. I am a kept woman in many ways. A submissive by nature, and collared by choice. Continue reading Daddy Kitten – Little Snippet

Escort Diaries; Sunday Service


It’s no mystery that I find the subject of blasphemy to be erotic. Not just for the fact that it’s taboo, but because it’s filthy. There is a part of me that knows just writing it will send me to hell, but I don’t fear that anymore. In fact, I’ve been told all the best people will be waiting for me. I guess I embrace my darkness more than I should. Continue reading Escort Diaries; Sunday Service