Holiday Cheer


I had just turned 18, and had my first job. Well it wasn’t a paying job, but I was an intern in a doctors office. Since my original goal in life had been to be a Physician, it was only fitting. Old Doc Samuel had been the one to deliver half the people in town, and he was a notorious womanizer. He even delivered me. Continue reading Holiday Cheer

Escort Diaries: Daddy’s Princess


It was 3 am when the fax machine went off. I know that the sound means there will be a client waiting for me. When and who, I didn’t know yet. One can only hope that it will be something exciting. I’ve had long year. Continue reading Escort Diaries: Daddy’s Princess

Escort Diaries: The night he ruined her


“Bianca, he is looking for you again. Better get those shoes polished.”

The laughter that came from Dave irritated the shit out of the small brunette. Nodding her head as she walked by his desk, the form was passed to her, but she hadn’t read it till hitting the gym. This Man, the one that consumed her was complicated. He went from Dominate to submissive in the blink of an eye, wanted her again.

Continue reading Escort Diaries: The night he ruined her