What does a small town girl dream of?  Getting married, popping out 3 kids by the time they are 24, and having a house with a picket fence?  Not this one.  All of my friends in high school did just that.  When they were planning their weddings, I was planning my financial portfolio.  I knew that I always wanted the finer things in life.  I guess coming from a family of little means will do that to a head strong female like me.  I am a smart cookie.  I graduated high school at 16.  At the age of 19, 3 years into medical school, I gave it all up to become an escort.  Why?  That is easy…because I make in a month what most make in a year with a 2 family income.

When the sun kisses the moon goodnight, that is when I come alive and my real talents are put to the test.  I am a 6 figure a year call girl and I love my life.

During the day, my talents are put to the test on the phone with all you naughty Men.  I guess you could say I am a full service whore.  I have been doing oral delights for a long time now and nothing is off limits with me.  I love exploring your inner most desires and forcing you to think outside of the box.  Why have boring vanilla when you can always spice it up with some rainbow sprinkles.  I have many areas that I specialize in, but I think the most sought after is my love for walking all over a man.  You know, twisting him around my perfect manicure and showing him who the boss truly is.  Do not let this scare you though.  Catch me in the right mood and I will be the dirtiest little slut for you.  I am no limits, and no taboos.  The harder you push, the deeper we go.  I love a man who can find my dirty little secrets and force me to confess them all.

All this beauty does not come without brains.  Top of my class, I started college at the age of 16, and am very savvy to the ways of the world.  Most that I attend to are the CEO types.  They demand a girl with brains as well as the outer package.  Nothing is sexier on a male, or female, then an intelligent mind!  A pretty girl with a filthy mouth is always a keeper. Well that is what my mother would whisper to me as she tucked me in bed at night.

MBA006 SELVY_013