Escort Diaries: BBC shame

What makes a woman crave BBC? To be honest, I have never been a fan, or sought out a certain race for sexual needs. I know this might sound racist, but it’s the complete opposite. That was all true till I met Mark. His filthy nigga dick made me a believer.

Bent over the frozen section at the store, the moment I felt someone bump me from behind, I know. I should of slapped him, but the meat slapped me in the ass instead. Holy Mary, Mother of God! I got slapped on the ass my 10 inches of limp dick. Now I am not saying I approved of this, but it was shocking. Before I looked behind me, I gave my ass a little wiggle. You know, to tease him with.
“Excuse me, your dick is touching me!”
Lame line, but it did make me laugh. Him too, but not so much that he didn’t give me that look. You know that look right? The one that implies that he is gonna rip my perfect white cunt wide open. His dark skin made me tingle, and I wanted him. I was even willing to give this man a freebie. We all know that’s saying a lot for me. My pussy might like dick, but I like money more.
He took my phone and placed his number in it. I didn’t allow this, but he did it anyway. Unable to resist, something about this Man had me aching deep inside. It could of been my walls giving me a warning of things to come. I know my pussy was throbbing. I wanted him to hurt me. Make me bleed from the force of his cock against my cervix. Sick and twisted, but I need this right now.
Dominated, forced, and fucked beyond my control!
I left the store alone, but when I arrived home, and as I was putting my food away, he called. His words were demanding. He wanted to punish me for being born white. What the fuck? It’s not my fault my parents were Caucasian. At a loss for words, I was able to mumble out my address for him, knowing I shouldn’t do this. It was not okay to give a stranger your address. I knew better.
Shaking from fear when the door bell chimed 15 minutes later, I tried not to open it. He pounded when it took too long. I guess this Man knew that I would give in. It’s not like I need sex. I’m an escort. I don’t need to fuck. I knew he wasn’t paying. He wanted to make my whore hole a slave to his BBC.
The door opened, I couldn’t let the neighbors hear his banging. What if they called the cops and came. I don’t want to explain that I let this black man come to my house. What would they think of me? What if something happened and it was in the papers? My parents would find out. God forbid the little white girl got dirty by the nasty nigga. That’s what my Father would say. He would disown his only child because of it. I don’t have a doubt in my mind about that.
His hand pressed to the oak door, dominating the wood with that massive appendage. I thought about how it would look around my throat. Would the imprints he left tell the world that my last lover was interracial? No, but a million things go through your head when your scared.
“Come in, I guess. This is not a good idea. You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who does this sort of thing. I don’t!”
His hand went to the back of my hair as he kicked the front door closed with a loud thud. Not the right response. His fist tightened when I resisted. This was not rape, nor was it abuse. I allowed him into my home. I knew it was wrong, but the pussy is a evil bitch when tempted by the ways of a black Dominate male.
“Get the fuck on your knees and open that mouth. You need to suck my fucking dick!”
Did I want to do this? No! Could I resist? No!
Dropped to my knees, I fumbled with his zipper, but the beast released itself. Forcing its way from his pants, his hard cock sprang forward and hit me in the face. Never in my life had I seen anything that could compare to the length or girth of that massive monster. He was one for the record books. My hand wrapped half way round, stretching my fingers to try and meet. No way possible.
“Suck it?”
He asked and I complied. Flicking the tip of my tongue over the head, the slit was already seeping fluid. Viscous, the fluid was sweet. Maybe the blacker the berry line was real. At least with him it was. Stretching my mouth wide, his member slipped between my lips, leaving a snail trail on my tongue. It was a burst of precum flavor, and awakened my senses the moment I tasted it.
“Oh my god. I fucking love it. Fuck my mouth black beauty!”
A grasp of my dark strands and the destruction began. Inch by inch he forced the head into my mouth, and eventually down my throat. Did he care about me breathing? Noo! His cock was the one in command here. Mark was brutal with the throat fucking. Taring into my oral cavity, the head took my breath from me as he pushed deeper into my throat. For a second I thought I would be the first death by dick.
Gasping, my hands held his thighs as the tears ran down my cheeks. The more I cried, the harder he bucked his hips into my mouth. Mascara staining my cheeks, his cock seeped fluid down my throat, and both hands held my hair as a handle. He was going to not only destroy my pussy, but my throat too. There was a point in the assassination on my throat that I tasted blood. It pooled in my mouth, his cock plunging in with a force that made me swallow it.
“Fucking whore. Stick out your tongue!”
Pulling my head back with one hand, the other stroked over that thick BBC meat. Jacking his dick off, the head swelled before that first rope of cum hit my mouth. A glob of cream laid on my tongue, but he wasn’t done. Rope after rope, he milked his cock into my mouth, on my face, and even in my hair. The scorch from the seed burned my flesh with a scarlet letter of shame. I had taken the cum of a stranger and all because he had a big black cock.
Part 2 coming soon.

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I love a man who can find my dirty little secrets and force me to confess them all. All this beauty doesn’t come without brains. Top of my class, I started college at the age of 16, and am very savvy to the ways of the world. Most that I attend to are the CEO types. They demand a girl with brains as well as the outer package. Nothing is sexier on a Male, or Female, then an intelligent mind! A pretty girl with a filthy mouth is always a keeper. Well that’s what my Mother would whisper to me as she tucked me in bed at night.

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